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corvisdog's Journal

Corvis the Dog
This is the journal of daemonv's crazy dog Corvis. This is not the dog writing, per se -- it is a filter mechanism, so that daemonv can frequently talk about the dog, without boring everyone.

Corvis is a beautiful Black Lab... with bits of other things. He was adopted 1 September 2002 from a shelter. He was said to be 1.5 years old at the time. He weighs 47.5 lbs (Sept 2002).

The name is the Latin/Romance word for "Raven". This name was adopted for three reasons:

  • His most distinguishing physical features are his rich black coat and his oversized ears (see pictures).
  • daemonv is a corvid fan, and has used various language spellings as his machine naming convention for years.
  • His shelter name was Carlin, which is phonetically similar.

  • Corvis has training in Agility and Flyball. He is a Canine Good Citizen. He lives alone and likes it that way. Other mentioned characters include Katy No-Pockets, the Rhodesian Ridgeback (March 2003) of daemonv's parents, and Vanya the Wonder Borzoi, who daemonv helped import from Moscow.
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