Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog

Bulking Up

Corvis had his annual physical today. He topped the scales at 52 or so pounds... the boy is bulking up. I guess my haphazard measuring technique of his super-yum BilJac has had a noticable effect... he still looks pretty trim, but he is a big bulkier. I'll cut it down, I guess, and make up for it by boosting his exercise. Or something like that.

Otherwise, healthy dog. For my continued note taking purposes (you didn't think this entry was for you, did you?) Discussed with the vet his hacking-breathing episodes. Last couple of weeks he'll occasionally stop breathing correctly and look as if he has a hairball to cough-up. Poking at him before the vet showed up, he has several muscle spasms originating around his neck muscles, so I guess I will address that for now with my leet massage-fu. The vet said his breathing seemed very healthy.

He is a great dog. The hospital likes him, and has memories of him at each stage, and are always impressed with his tempermental improvement. I'm also impressed and pleased.
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