Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog

Good Boy

It really is remarkable how far Corvis has progressed with how he handles people. I just had strangers over to watch a movie -- something that has been happening increasingly often. All men. Corvis copes brilliantly -- I can see the stress, but it doesn't get anywhere near danger levels. Heck, because I wasn't on the couch, he curled up with someone else.

Also, he's exhibiting traits I remember of Amber, that of the different levels of acceptable people. I definately noticed it for people who have stayed overnight at my place; Peter, for example, he felt obligated to defend at the dogpark. For a long time the access control lists seemed to be daemonv (love/hate at the highest levels, dependent); ommkarja (the better parent); bucy, who he always gets super excited about seeing (Danielle is the only other person in this behaviorial bracket); everyone else (female). All of those individuals were people who have not only taken care of him for extended periods of time, but we all featured prominently in his first day from the shelter.

Tonight, though, I noticed responded to 4thfromtheleft differently than the others -- he didn't need to be evaluated, Corvis gave his equivallent of "you again? huh. OK". Definately higher comfort level. Neat. He can still be imprinted for men.
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