Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog

Raw Face

Mr. Corvis has managed to rub part of his face raw -- bald and then bleeding. My thought was that it was a result of too-long toenails. When I called his Groomer, however, her first question was "did you recently get him a bone?"

Indeed, on recollection, I had -- a real bone from Whole Foods, on a whim. Her hypothesis is that he's injured himself in the attempt to bury it. That despite being an indoor dog, in a hardwood and minimally furnished apartment, he has been trying to bury the bone, in part with his snout. That she's seen this behavior over and over again. So while he's bright, he's
not that bright.

I confiscated what was left of the bone, and I am monitoring his condition but refraining from immediately running to the vet as I have for previous incidents of this magnitude.

I also had his nails trimmed. For good measure.

He has otherwise been rather good, on average, the past couple of weeks. He has been doing well in Intermediate Agility. They have structure the class differently this time around, setting up stations of exercises to perform. And for various reasons, he's ended up working in a group by himself, getting lots of individual coaching from the teachers. They remain confident that he is ready to start competing. One more week.

The recent bout of hot weather has been nice. I been more inclined to hang out outside. And as a solid black dog, he's prone to tire quickly in the sun, and so reaches "mellow happy dog" state very quickly.
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