Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog

Domain Name Abuse

So, for various reasons I have been figuring I should get Corvis a new tag -- probably, because I can get him a swank CGC one. One of the things that's been in the back of my mind, regardless, is that his current tag has a probable expiration date -- it says "CORVIS / / DMV@CMU.EDU". It has that particular email address because that's all that would fit via the PetCo machines.

Unfortunately, my more permanent (i control the domain) addresses are all quite a bit longer than the 16 max char limits ( being 14 characters alone) that even the biggest have. Heh. That's all an elaborate rouse to convince myself that I'm not completely evil and nuts.

Anyway, the short of it is, my dog now has his own domain name. Or rather, I plan to make it available for any dog so inclined. Because I wasn't able to get or even because I'm not Icelandic, don't know any Icelandic citizens, and regardless, that would be over the line. My arbitrary, imaginary line that makes me feel less insane.

Going with the naming theme, catellus is the Latin for puppy (or "young/small dog"). You'd almost be convinced I did not hate Latin when I studied it. I got, so he's now (16 char) corvis@ Or, literally, raven puppy. :) Katy also has a forwarded address, and as I said, I'm happy to make aliases for other dogs. Like the theme of corvisdog, the intent is not to pretend that Corvis reads his email; but rather, it categorizes the intent of a sender. Like if they are responding to his webpage (will be shortly).

Ok. So my dog has a web page, a livejournal, and a vanity domain name. And titles. And has taken more classes than I have this year. Shit. I am dog nuts.
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