Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog


At the advice of my instructors, Corvis is now a NADAC registered dog. And I signed him up for his first NADAC trial, in Valencia PA, May 22-23. I signed him up for Gamblers and Jumpers class events (only)... we'll see.

From the Rules for NADAC:
The Gamblers class format is being updated at this time to be a sequence contained within the Regular Agility class. These changes will take place by January 1, 2005. The dog is required to accurately perform obstacles while remaining a required distance away from the handler during part of the class.

Corvis unofficially "failed" his Beginner Gamblers class, but was the most improved dog. I think, though, that this is an event he will be pretty good at, and that most of it will fall on my ability to process and present the course to him. Which I will only get good at by trying. And maybe he'll get lucky.

The Jumpers class requires the dog to perform a series of jumps that demonstrates an efficient jumping style while following the course path at a rapid pace. The dog and handler follow a numbered obstacle course, as set by the judge. The dog will have to demonstrate an ability to turn efficiently, jump cleanly, and stay on course while moving rapidly.

Corvis is good at jumping and negotiating jumps... He needs more practice, but I think he can.

I didn't sign him up for Regular Agility because there are still some obstacles he will not willingly do. In a regular course, he has to do every obstacle assigned, in order. In gamblers, I get to pick and choose; in Jumpers there are only jumps.

He did very well in Intermediate Agility. Actually, he passed, and would be fine with Competition 1 level work. However, they recommended that I take Intermediate again, that I would benefit from more of the work at that level. Now that I believe we'll be here for at least the next two months, I guess I will sign him up for the next round (starts tomorrow).
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