Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog

Damn Dog

Right. So. Behind. Will write up -- with pictures -- more about Vanja's show. And more about his classes. He was briefly in three, but now he's back to two.

The two are Intermediate Agility and Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog International -- essentially, Obedience Two with formal testing. The class is by Animal Friends, like his last one. I agree more with them than Misty Pines, but still have reservations. I really dislike the space, which is a downtown doggie daycare facility... that I wouldn't put corvisdog in. Especially not for $20/day. I honestly think he's happier on the couch than he would be running around in that concrete room with other dogs.

Anyway, I'm pissed at him now because I'm tired and stressed. And he only contributed to it. In particular, Mr Corvis Dog decided to take a chunk out of the ass of a dog that looked at him funny. They had had a bit of something-something brewing the whole class -- instructors completely oblivious, but one of this former instructors (another student this time) definately caught on. As everyone was leaving, the owner with this shaggy Great Pyrenese walked the dog too close to Corvis, and before I knew it barks turned to lunge. And pulling him off, away came a substantial chunk of fluffy white. (Corvis is still completely black coated). From the ass of the dog no less. (And from an ass of a dog... wait, did I type that?)

Anyway, that didn't go over so well in a class where they continually emphasize what a Good Citizen means. I can't really deal with it at the moment, and I'm sure that's at least mostly responsible for his performance.
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