Corvis the Dog (corvisdog) wrote,
Corvis the Dog

Corvis has been invited to a New Years Party. How cute. His Agility training facility is having a Christmas/New Years party on Jan 3. I guess we'll probably go, if I'm in town, cause that sounds like the kind of madness we are both keen on (training facility full of mostly obedient, mostly high-strung ("Active") dogs... with devoted owners.

Otherwise, in Corvisland updates -- he's been very good. No reoccurance of fleas, and I was tipped off for another park (Riding Meadows) in O'Hara that is beautiful, completely off-leash, and draws some fun dogs. Otherwise, he's more mellow. Still doesn't react as well as I'd hope to when I take him to frisbee games -- he doesn't like watching me running around with other people, I guess. He appreciates that I removed the headrests for the back seats, because it means when I leave him in the car he can easily slip into the wayback. That's where I have a blanket, and misc. clothing, and he'll curl up and sleep there. More comfortable than the backseat, although he still hates riding back there.
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