Puppy Picture

From a mysterious chain of Incidences that I am not yet prepared to accept as possible... the following may be a picture of Corvis as a young dog.

Below the fold, I show evidence. I will write this up as a webpage, the whole story, the features I am pointing out, but for now, this.
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Corvis had hiccups. Standing next to me, I was hearing a periodic 'pfft-thump' sound. Looked over, and his chest was contracting quickly each time. He had sort of a curious look on his face. And then he did as I do to get rid of hiccups -- concentrated on his breathing with a couple of good breaths, and it went away.

I don't think I've seen a dog with hiccups before.

As another note, Corvis is a very jealous dog when I have lady-friends over.

Bulking Up

Corvis had his annual physical today. He topped the scales at 52 or so pounds... the boy is bulking up. I guess my haphazard measuring technique of his super-yum BilJac has had a noticable effect... he still looks pretty trim, but he is a big bulkier. I'll cut it down, I guess, and make up for it by boosting his exercise. Or something like that.

Otherwise, healthy dog. For my continued note taking purposes (you didn't think this entry was for you, did you?) Discussed with the vet his hacking-breathing episodes. Last couple of weeks he'll occasionally stop breathing correctly and look as if he has a hairball to cough-up. Poking at him before the vet showed up, he has several muscle spasms originating around his neck muscles, so I guess I will address that for now with my leet massage-fu. The vet said his breathing seemed very healthy.

He is a great dog. The hospital likes him, and has memories of him at each stage, and are always impressed with his tempermental improvement. I'm also impressed and pleased.

He Caught A Squirrel

I have maintained in the past that, given his hunting reflexes and speed, I would be afraid of the squirrel he caught. Tonight, Corvis caught a squirrel. I was indeed afraid of it. I'm walking along the sidewalk, talking with 4thfromtheleft (that's right, there were witnesses), and Corvis is just doing his sniff thing. Suddenly there is more urgent tugging, and so I pull him away and off of... what is that thing... its a squirrel. The squirrel, having the dog pulled off, straightened itself up, hopped off a foot or so, and froze. It didn't look like it was moving, but it certainly wasn't dead. Didn't really see where it came from.

My dog caught himself a squirrel. And was certainly pissed when I didn't let him play with it.

Vanja, the real Master Killer

Posting just to relay a story I heard today, about the Wonder Borzoi. Yesterday, the Dane and the Borzoi were having a lovely romp in the field. Suddenly, the Russian did a 180 and took off. Fastest Danielle had seen him run. She blinked, and the longhaired one was a considerable distance and appeared to have something grey in its mouth that it was shaking.

By the time she reached where he had been, he was returning with a second groundhog.

He was very disappointed when she took them away. He had even offered on to his Great Dane buddy. But she took it away and cleaned up the situation. What was remarkable about the kills -- and kills they were -- was the only damage inflicted was to the neck of the small furry creatures. Very very quick, and very very precise. Clearly not his first kills, but the first in the US.

I was impressed. She's going to try to field trials, after seeing how good at it, and how happy it made him.

Agility Trial 1, Day 1

Very tired right now, from an early morning and a long day in the sun. Here are Pictures. He assaulted me at the line in both events today, very embarrassing (almost lost my shorts). The Hypothesis is that he is uncomfortable having to run "naked" -- that is, without his collar on. This makes some sense for me, so tomorrow we intend to try the events with his collar on -- this will prevent his run from being able to be a Qualified NADAC run, but so be it. I really hope that is it. We can get around that through training a lot easier than the alternatives.

He was otherwise lovely and well-behaved the whole time.

Good Boy

It really is remarkable how far Corvis has progressed with how he handles people. I just had strangers over to watch a movie -- something that has been happening increasingly often. All men. Corvis copes brilliantly -- I can see the stress, but it doesn't get anywhere near danger levels. Heck, because I wasn't on the couch, he curled up with someone else.

Also, he's exhibiting traits I remember of Amber, that of the different levels of acceptable people. I definately noticed it for people who have stayed overnight at my place; Peter, for example, he felt obligated to defend at the dogpark. For a long time the access control lists seemed to be daemonv (love/hate at the highest levels, dependent); ommkarja (the better parent); bucy, who he always gets super excited about seeing (Danielle is the only other person in this behaviorial bracket); everyone else (female). All of those individuals were people who have not only taken care of him for extended periods of time, but we all featured prominently in his first day from the shelter.

Tonight, though, I noticed responded to 4thfromtheleft differently than the others -- he didn't need to be evaluated, Corvis gave his equivallent of "you again? huh. OK". Definately higher comfort level. Neat. He can still be imprinted for men.

Raw Face

Mr. Corvis has managed to rub part of his face raw -- bald and then bleeding. My thought was that it was a result of too-long toenails. When I called his Groomer, however, her first question was "did you recently get him a bone?"

Indeed, on recollection, I had -- a real bone from Whole Foods, on a whim. Her hypothesis is that he's injured himself in the attempt to bury it. That despite being an indoor dog, in a hardwood and minimally furnished apartment, he has been trying to bury the bone, in part with his snout. That she's seen this behavior over and over again. So while he's bright, he's
not that bright.

I confiscated what was left of the bone, and I am monitoring his condition but refraining from immediately running to the vet as I have for previous incidents of this magnitude.

I also had his nails trimmed. For good measure.

He has otherwise been rather good, on average, the past couple of weeks. He has been doing well in Intermediate Agility. They have structure the class differently this time around, setting up stations of exercises to perform. And for various reasons, he's ended up working in a group by himself, getting lots of individual coaching from the teachers. They remain confident that he is ready to start competing. One more week.

The recent bout of hot weather has been nice. I been more inclined to hang out outside. And as a solid black dog, he's prone to tire quickly in the sun, and so reaches "mellow happy dog" state very quickly.

Domain Name Abuse

So, for various reasons I have been figuring I should get Corvis a new tag -- probably, because I can get him a swank CGC one. One of the things that's been in the back of my mind, regardless, is that his current tag has a probable expiration date -- it says "CORVIS / / DMV@CMU.EDU". It has that particular email address because that's all that would fit via the PetCo machines.

Unfortunately, my more permanent (i control the domain) addresses are all quite a bit longer than the 16 max char limits ( being 14 characters alone) that even the biggest have. Heh. That's all an elaborate rouse to convince myself that I'm not completely evil and nuts.

Anyway, the short of it is, my dog now has his own domain name. Or rather, I plan to make it available for any dog so inclined. Because I wasn't able to get or even because I'm not Icelandic, don't know any Icelandic citizens, and regardless, that would be over the line. My arbitrary, imaginary line that makes me feel less insane.

Going with the naming theme, catellus is the Latin for puppy (or "young/small dog"). You'd almost be convinced I did not hate Latin when I studied it. I got, so he's now (16 char) corvis@ Or, literally, raven puppy. :) Katy also has a forwarded address, and as I said, I'm happy to make aliases for other dogs. Like the theme of corvisdog, the intent is not to pretend that Corvis reads his email; but rather, it categorizes the intent of a sender. Like if they are responding to his webpage (will be shortly).

Ok. So my dog has a web page, a livejournal, and a vanity domain name. And titles. And has taken more classes than I have this year. Shit. I am dog nuts.


At the advice of my instructors, Corvis is now a NADAC registered dog. And I signed him up for his first NADAC trial, in Valencia PA, May 22-23. I signed him up for Gamblers and Jumpers class events (only)... we'll see.

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He did very well in Intermediate Agility. Actually, he passed, and would be fine with Competition 1 level work. However, they recommended that I take Intermediate again, that I would benefit from more of the work at that level. Now that I believe we'll be here for at least the next two months, I guess I will sign him up for the next round (starts tomorrow).